Industrial Vegetation Management & Landscaping Services​

Our services Include:

Weed & Brush Control
including Aquatic Weed Control

With over 20+ years of vegetation control experience in the Gulf Coast region, you can count on Stronghold to design an effective long-term weed and brush control strategy customized to your specific site or sites.

Pipelines, Right of Ways & Utility Easements Specialty

Whether you need bare ground or a management and control program, Stronghold has the solution. Utilities, gas, pipeline, and power transmission companies can and do rely on the tried-and-true clearance solutions offered by Stronghold.

Mulching & Reclamation

Stronghold brings decades of experience in the Gulf Coast region to your reclamation project. Whether it’s an existing area that needs attention or a new project, you can trust our knowledge and count on our company-owned and maintained arsenal of equipment to solve the problem.


Stronghold mows it all! We have the experience and the company-owned and maintained arsenal of equipment to meet your mowing needs effectively and successfully every single time. Stronghold can handle everything from the small and narrow spaces to the widest expanse of lot, field, easement, right of way, or roadside on schedule and on time every single time.

Who We Serve &
Where We Work

Stronghold has been successfully delivering vegetation management and control solutions for 20+ years. Our teams deploy each and every day throughout Brazoria, Chambers, Galveston, Harris, Matagorda, and Fort Bend Counties delivering safe and effective vegetation management and control solutions to locations such as:

Don’t see your site type listed? No worries—We do it all! 

Our Process &
What You Can Expect

Stronghold has the manpower, experience, and the company-owned arsenal of equipment ready and available to tackle any challenge nature can present.

*During the initial site assessment and the project, then during follow-up reviews and work evaluations, Stronghold will observe, photograph, and note the GPS coordinates of any areas of concern such as encroaching trees, illegal dumping, fence issues, and other landowner problems.

Vegetation Management & Control Methods

Vegetation can be controlled or eliminated manually and/or with herbicides.

Management Method

Manual vegetation management and control involves the use of equipment for cutting, mowing, mulching, pruning, and other applications.

Management Method

Responsible spray application of herbicides may be recommended as a part of your vegetation management strategy. Stronghold is licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) in herbicide use.

Management Method

Often a combination of methods is required to achieve optimal results. Stronghold will recommend the appropriate combination of timing for manual methods and herbicide application to ensure a cost-effective and successful outcome.

*In specific instances, certain methods can be used to help desired species thrive while eliminating invasive or unwanted ones.

Serving Brazoria, Chambers, Galveston, Harris, Matagorda, and Fort Bend Counties