Commercial Property Maintenance & Landscaping Services​

Our comprehensive range of services is designed to meet all your commercial property maintenance and landscaping needs, ensuring that your outdoor space is well-maintained and visually appealing. 

Our services Include:

And Parking Lot Care

Regular landscape maintenance is crucial for a pristine condition. We offer commercial-grade weed killer applications for effective weed control, brush removal, and clearing to give your property a neat and polished look. Our weed killer ensures long-lasting results for a beautiful landscape all year round.
Our parking lot maintenance plan covers everything from regular cleaning to addressing any damages, ensuring a well-kept and safe environment for employees and visitors.

Landscape Installation, Renovation, and Enhancements

We specialize in vegetation and undergrowth removal using state-of-the-art equipment. Our site-clearing services ensure your land is cleared quickly and efficiently, making it ready for any plans.

Mowing, Turf, and Lawn Management

We provide lawn care services using precision mowing techniques and advanced lawn management strategies to keep your lawn healthy and green. We also offer herbicide application services to address weed issues. With our expert care, your lawn will look beautiful year-round.

Pest control in
Lawn, Turf, and Trees

Protect your plants from pests with our targeted measures. Maintain a healthy outdoor environment with our aquatic control solutions. Our expert team can help you keep your garden, ponds, lakes, and other water features in top condition.

Tree Removal,
Trimming, and Care

We offer professional tree-cutting, removal, and pruning services to enhance the health and appearance of your trees. Our priority is safety and thorough risk assessment for a secure process.

Irrigation and
Water Management

We specialize in irrigation and water management services prioritizing the health and vitality of your commercial property's landscaping. We offer regular maintenance, precise watering schedules, and expert trimming services to promote water efficiency and ensure a sustainable, vibrant landscape.

Lawned garden

A Simple Process

A well-groomed commercial property is a promise of quality service and signals success. Simply put, appearance matters.  

Whether your goal is a landscape maintenance program, a solution to your landscaping problem, or a plan for a complete installation or renovation, Stronghold is ready to help protect your landscaping investment with a customized and cost-effective strategy.

After discussing your goals and walking your property, Stronghold will present you with a proposal that includes a synchronized service schedule or a plan and quote to accomplish your project.

Let Stronghold focus on your lawn and landscape, so you can focus on your business.